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Washington Post names Sidney Crosby one of the Sports Figures of the Year

2016 has been a very good calendar year for Crosby.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins-Championship Parade Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

One of those fun aspects about December: it’s time for end-of-the-year lists. Sports, of course, is not exempted from this, and the Washington Post has put together quite the list of athletes who accomplished a lot both on and off the various fields, courts, and, of course, rinks.

And as they put it: Sidney Crosby absolutely owned the hockey world throughout all of 2016.

The end of 2015 helped bring about the changes the Pittsburgh Penguins needed in order to once again conquer the NHL and take the Stanley Cup; Crosby was key among that, as his first Conn Smythe would attest to.

He also helped Canada win another tournament, and even nowadays, when it’s too early to be thinking about another championship, he’s scoring goals at a remarkable rate - more so than any of his peers.

It isn’t that often we get to see a player absolutely dominate his entire sport the way Crosby has throughout this entire year, but we’re still in the middle of witnessing it.

So yeah: Crosby was definitely the top guy in hockey through 2016, and one of the top figures throughout the entire world of sports, without a doubt.

It’s been a good year.