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WATCH: Sidney Crosby gives his stick to a young fan after the game

This is seriously the sweetest moment ever.

It’s the time of year to give, isn’t it?

That’s exactly what Sidney Crosby did, following the Pittsburgh Penguins’ 7-2 home win over the New York Rangers. The Penguins still have another home game left before the NHL’s Christmas break, but it’s never too early to give a young fan a present.

Case in point: this little girl, decked out in a Crosby jersey and Penguins-colored bows, who received one of the best presents ever from the man himself.

It looks like Crosby was on his way down the tunnel after the win when he does a double take to read the sign, and then hey: happy holidays, here’s a stick I just used in another two-point game for me.

And of course, in that moment, we are all that little girl: jumping up and down in total excitement and beaming, because seriously, how cool would it be to receive a stick from Sidney Crosby himself like that?!

Happy holidays, Lydia! That’s the coolest gift ever.