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The Penguins’ goalie mask cage graveyard is seriously cool

These cages all died as heroes.

Goalie equipment is, without a doubt, awesome.

You always hope the goalie wearing it is, too, though with both Marc-Andre Fleury and Matt Murray, that hasn’t been a problem at all for the Penguins.

But seriously, their entire getup rocks. They need more protection, after all; they’re the guys volunteering to get hit by disks of vulcanized rubber often travelling well over 90 miles per hour, at minimum. That’s insane. Such insanity should at least be rewarded with some degree of guaranteed safety.

And so: big pads that most choose to not style, and cool masks that most choose to do something with. And with that mask, a goalie cage: something to protect his face.

Until said cage dies a hero, no longer suitable to protect a goalie because it got damaged in the midst of doing just that. Then it goes to the graveyard, and Penguins head equipment manager Dana Heinze has quite the collection.

That is... a lot of cages.

With a couple of standout features, too!

Including the latest:

Yeah, I think you can see how that one wouldn’t be used anymore. Good thing that cage was there to serve its purpose!