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Nick Bonino is a gnome now

A Boston University gnome, specifically.

The legend of Nick Bonino continues.

Long before he became a Stanley Cup champion, the subject of one of the best hockey calls of all time, got to center Phil Kessel, or even became a Pittsburgh Penguin at all, he played three years at Boston University.

At BU, he scored 117 points in 116 games. A point per game player in college? That’s pretty awesome. BU should be proud.

And it looks like they are, because they’ve gone ahead and made Bonino into a gnome.

This is, dare I say, the best gnome ever?? He has his Amish beard and everything! The only way it could possibly be better is if he was wearing his Penguins uniform, but that’s a job for another team.

In the meantime, this is the best. The Boni-gnome is the best gnome of them all. If you’ll just so happen to be in the area on Dec. 13, well, there’s as good an excuse as you’ll ever have to go to an NCAA game, isn’t it?