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Pens Points: It's All Fun and Games

Daily source of Pittsburgh Penguins and NHL news and stories.

Good morning one and all,

The NHL All Star weekend in Nashville seems to have been fun for all involved. I'm pretty sure that after all that happened leading up to it, this was the best weekend of John Scott's life. In the end, he won the MVP as a write-in. [CBS Sports]

Burnzie wore a Chewbacca mask and PK wore a mullet wig in the shootout, and Shea Webber's shot is as deadly as ever. [CBS Sports]

Malkin and Letang each scored for the Metro, had some fun, and now back to do more awesome things for the Pens that their teammates are getting accustomed to. [PPG]

Besides scoring two goals, leading his Pacific team to victory and winning MVP of the ASG, John Scott also owned the perennial tool that is Jeremy Roenick. [Sporting News]

Dylan Larkin can right out fly on skates. The kid's speed is incredible and he moved Matt Gartner's all-time NHL record on Saturday. [The Score]

Gary Bettman has signed an extension to remain the Evil Dwarf of the NHL until 2022, when he'll be 70 and it'll be time for another lockout. [TSN]

Steven Stamkos had a big crowd at his ASG media availability session, and said he wants to stay with Tampa and doesn't want to be traded at the deadline. [ESPN]

CWHL is set to become the second women's hockey league to pay its players. Success is achieved in small but tangible increments. [The Score]

The NHLOA is going to watch the Denis Wideman proceedings very closely and throw a gigantic tantrum for anything less than 10 games. NHLPA could stand to learn something from the ref union. [Sportsnet]

Hahahaha listen to this. Sidney Crosby would've liked to be in Nashville competing in the All Star game. Dude, this is your 11th NHL season and you bothered with the ASG one time. Maybe just go win the Conn Smythe. [PPG]

Okay, now the All Star weekend is over and let's look forward. Sidney Crosby is back and it's like he never left. [Sportsnet]

The Pens put together a decent string of games before the break, and now it's time to kick it into high gear. What are the things they will need to depend on to get into the thick of the playoff race? [Sports Quotient]

Despite memory lapses, Phil Bourque has no regrets about spending a big part of his life playing hockey. Always sad to read these stories but there it is. [PPG]