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Pens Points: Penguins + Forecheck = Good Things

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning one and all,

There are no absolutes except the fact it's absolutely awesome to pot 6 goals against the Red Wings, especially coming from a great forecheck.

*Dylan Larkin (who is so much fun to watch) admitted he was a big Sidney Crosby fan during the height of Det-Pit rivalry of 08-09. [Detroit Free Press]

And that rivalry is still there, in some ways. Since the Wings moved conferences things have changed slightly, but Sid still wants to beat them so badly every single time. [Detroit Free Press]

Sorry Geno but far from the sight, far from the heart. Sid and Kessy are looking good together. Have we thought of Hagelin-Crosby-Kessel though? [The Score]

Obviously making PK Subban the fall guy is a dangerous tactic for Michel Therrien in Montreal, because this will not end well for him. [SI]

Although, never underestimate the immediate satisfaction of knee-jerk movements. This is for Ripley, but the Habs are supposedly gauging interest in PK Subban. They won't trade him, they are not that dumb. I think. [Sportsnet]

Leo Komarov will have a phone hearing for an elbow to the head of Ryan McDonagh. He should get a couple for this, but the greater problem is that IS his game, on the line and over the line more than occasionally. [The Score]

Speaking of crossing the line, no one has done it more this season than cheap-shot aficionado (writer's words) Radko Gudas. Lest you think the City of Brotherly love is changing, the comments are #FlyersStrong. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Forget Benn and Seguin. I really want to watch Domi and Duclair every night and those guys are going to the playoffs, right? I think they just might. Those two are dynamite together. [Sportsnet]

If teams are looking for the perfect rental winger, look no further. Brad Boyes is available and he is just the guy. [TSN]

Outdoor games already fell a little overdone, but incredibly there are still 14 teams that are yet to be awarded the rights to host one. [SI]

If we had to re-do every GM of the year award for the past couple of seasons, would the same guys still win them? Probably not. [Down Goes Brown]