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Pens Points: Arizona Gameday and Trade Deadline Open Discussion

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Good morning one and all,

Eventful day today, as the Pens play the Yotes AND it is trade deadline. Honestly, why do we bother with games today?

Here's what's come down the trade pipeline so far. That link will be updating this throughout the day. Last year, 43 players were moved in 24 deadline deals. What does this year have in store? [Globe & Mail]

Here is how an NHL deadline process works if you're an NHL agent. Interesting tidbits here. [Sportsnet]

What are the most important teams to watch? I'd say LA Kings, Boston Bruins, where the Loui Eriksson contract extension negotiations are literally coming down to the wire, and Tampa, where the Drouin saga will hopefully come to an end. [ESPN]

Eric Staal to New York to play with his other brother. Jordan is sad. New York gave up two second rounders and center Aleksi Saarela. Carolina retained 50% of his salary. [SI]

The Capitals have traded their longest-tenured player, Brooks Laich, to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Dan Winnik. Why Laich mattered to Washington Sports. [Washington Post]

Tonight's opponent, the Arizona Coyotes, have made a trade for Sergei Plotnikov, but what else do they have up their sleeve? [Arizona Republic]

So, the Penguins acquired maligned defenseman Justin Schultz. Widespread elation in Edmonton, but Pittsburgh thinks they can fix what's gone wrong with Schultz. I really don't think it's the right time for this kind of experimentation. [Sportsnet]

Not trade deadline-related, but just an update. The final arbitrator ruling on the Dennis Wideman appeal is expected next week. Obviously a drawn-out process, but Wideman will be compensated for any games he shouldn't have missed. [ESPN]

This is sad, heartbreaking, and absolutely necessary to read if you ever stood up and cheered during a hockey fight. [Globe & Mail]

We will all go through this at some point: Twenty stages of learning that your team has made a trade. [Sportsnet]