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Pens Points: Without Fehr, PK Will Be on Thin Ice

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Good morning one and all,

Mike Sullivan didn't have any updates on Eric Fehr, whose injury is still being evaluated. It didn't look very good at all, and however long his absence is, it will be felt on the penalty kill. [PPG]

Chris Kunitz has found his scoring magic, wherever it was hidden. I probably wouldn't do any more experimentation with the top two lines, which look as good as they have all season. [Penguins]

Don't look now, but the bottom 6 is beginning to look very rough with Bonino, Fehr and Bennett all on the shelf at the moment. So who will replace Fehr? You got it. More ice time for Kevin Porter. [Trib]

In coaching news, Mike Sullivan wants strong starts to become the norm, and Jacques Martin, who was under the weather and missed a game, is set to return to the bench. [PPG]

Mike Sullivan believes that power play success is a matter of momentum, and he is looking to build more of it with his top unit in particular. [Trib]

Speaking of the power play, Matt Cullen has looked good in every situation he was put in this season, and looks to be rewarded with some PP time on the second unit. [PPG]

I can't believe I forgot to include this yesterday because I read it and much enjoyed it. One of the most electrifying hockey players in the world with advice for all the little guys trying to make it in the NHL. Here's Johnny. [The Players Tribune]

We are still with the Calgary Flames, as Dennis Wideman is set to appeal his 20-game suspension for cross-checking an official. [TSN]

In Montreal, Carey Price has suffered a setback in his recovery from a leg injury. In frustration he even broke his stick. This isn't looking good and it's clear he won't be coming back any time soon. [TSN]

Minnesota Twins have been struggling in recent months. So many problems, so few wins for my favorite Western team. []

AP with theis second-half previews of both the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference.

And back to Pittsburgh we go for a feel-good story for the end. A 91-year-old Pens fan finally got to attend her first-ever Pens game, and awesome time was had by all. [Penguins]