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Pens Points: Hagelin, Others Return to Practice

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Matt Kincaid/Getty Images

Good morning one and all,

The Pens are currently practicing at UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex. Hagelin, Fehr, Bennett and Lovejoy are all there; the players are wearing jerseys in multiple colors. Judged on line rushes, Hagelin and Fehr will be back tomorrow, meaning no Sestito and Sheary.

Ryan Wilson explores the Phil Kessel stick flex conundrum. Ryan is right on when saying he won't fire off Malkineesque one-timers, but an elite forward be expected to fire it off the pass. [Hockey Buzz]

Seth Rorabaugh just did an updated report on the status of all Penguins prospects. [Empty Netters]

Jim Rutherford says he has confidence in his revamped defense. We should all enjoy the continued development of 2012 #8 overall pick Derrick Pouliot in the press box, while 2012 #78 overall pick Shayne Gostisbehere shows us how a top power play unit is run. [PPG]

Anyway, speaking of the Flyers. Those guys are in a pretty good spot to make the playoffs, and if I'm a betting person I'd probably put money on their making it into one of two WC spots. [NBC Sports]

If the Flyers make it, which of the current 8 teams in the East could drop out? Maybe Wings. Maybe us. But I'd be a little worried if I'm the Isles, as Halak's injury return is now at 6-8 weeks. [Sportsnet]

Five ways goalies can get a referee's attention other than assaulting a goal cage. [Down Goes Brown]

Also, five true-and-tried ways to go from a tear-down to a contender. Pens are there too, and the recipe says "Win a Sidney Crosby lottery". Let's not forget the key ingredient, "Lose the Alex Ovechkin lottery to draft Evgeni Malkin". [Sportsnet]

Bob McKenzie reports that fighting in junior hockey will be on the agenda for CHL executive meetings this week. [TSN]

The future of the Flint Firebirds is in limbo, as the OHL has resumed control of the team, but the ownership is gearing for a legal battle. [TSN]

This is so on point. What if Donald Trump put his laser twitter focus on the 30 NHL teams. It's so sharp it's uncanny. I'd be hard-pressed to pick the best one. [Sportsnet]

or the end, t's official. The Pens will host the Flyers at Heinz Field on February 18, 2017. And this is from a real NHL press release: "These intense Stadium Series matchups continue to epitomize everything Coors Light is about: cold, refreshing beer; good times; and conquering your personal mountains," Coors Light marketing director Ryan Marek said. "The Penguins and Flyers have been one another’s mountains for 50 years, and we couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to show fans the next chapter and see which team will ‘Climb On’ this year!" [Penguins]

Okay then. For starters, let's climb Mt. Columbus tomorrow night, shall we?