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Pens Points: Bottom Six Production Lines

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Good morning one and all,

It's Monday, it's raining, it's cold and daylight savings sicks. That's all I got for you,

Three cheers for Conor Sheary. The little guy went down to Wilkes-Barre, came back up and had himself a coming out party at Madison Square Garden. [Yahoo Sports]

Hilarious stuff from Dominik Simon, who readily admitted he was about to pass out during the anthem. Your first NHL game, might as well be MSG and national TV. [Trib]

Here are your game charts from all three yesterday's games. Also three cheers for Toronto Maple Leafs for blanking the Red Wings. [Game Charts]

The Isles have a few games in hand and before they play in Pittsburgh tomorrow, they are facing the Panthers tonight. Go Cats go. [NHL]

Brent Burns is getting a lot of praise and Norris buzz this season. There is a guy right there next to the rejuvenated beard, that's right, one Paul Martin. Sad face. [THN]

Dalton Prout is a garbage player and could be facing a suspension for sucker punching Nikita Kucherov. [CBS Sports]

Here is InGoal Future Watch, an excellent review of all goalie prospects, Eastern Conference edition. [InGoal Magazine]

Block or butterfly? Corey Hirsch breaks down the main goaltending techniques. [Sportsnet]

There is a serious push to end fighting in junior hockey. CHL president David Branch is right on that this isn't what junior hockey needs in the least. [Globe & Mail]

A good panel on how and why analytics in hockey can be misused, which we often debate right here. [Hockey Graphs]

Down Goes Brown's grab bag has everything from good Kingston boys, expansion draft and debating the offside challenge. [Vice Sports]