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Sidney Crosby runs on the hate of Philadelphia fans

Sidney Crosby career stats vs the Flyers: very good. Keep booing, Philly.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

But is it true? Does Sidney Crosby use that motivation of the hate of the Philly fans to raise his game?

In a word: yes.

Crosby has 14 goals and 21 assists for 35 points in 25 career regular season games at the Wells Fargo Center. This is the most goals he has at any career opponent, and the second most assists and points behind only the Nassau Coliseum, the former home of the New York Islanders.

The Penguins have a record of 14-8-3 when Crosby plays a game in Philadelphia, showing his production is a driving force in sending the fans home unhappy for games in Philly.

For all their vitriol, the sound and fury of the Philly faithful is really only backfiring to hurt themselves, which makes them even more mad. This causes even more resentment to Crosby. A beautiful sort of never-ending endless cycle of sadness. Which pretty much sums up being a Flyer fan, come to think of it.

Here's a great game-winning goal from all the way back in 2009. This was an early game for Dan Bylsma and an important momentum building win for the Penguins on their way to a Stanley Cup.

honk, honk, honk...Crosby sucks. Don't let us down, Philly fans.