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Pens Points: Pens Earn Huge, Important Win

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Good morning one and all,

Roses are red, violets are blue, Pens win again and Flyers lose too. Bam! There's a poem for yinz.

Fun night at Consol was made infinitely better by Lundqvist stuffed like a puff pepper. Here are your three impressions from last night. [Penguins]

After the Caps game there was a lot of talk (sigh) about the Pens needing more #grit and #toughness. But really, is that needed? [Hockey Buzz]

Let's talk about how awesome Henrik Lundqvist's tantrums are. He is so like Roger Federer. Mr. Cool & Perfect as long as everything's going his way. [CBS Sports]

But he is the best dressed and most fashionable man in hockey and he is #1. I guess that's something. [New Yoork Times]

Second best has got to be PK Subban. This tells you how he works out and where's his favorite place to buy furs. I know he's very charitable but oh man give it a rest already PK. [New York Times]

And maybe take better care of the little puck thingy. Another leisurely, costly turnover last night leading to GWG against. [NBS Sports]

Jaromir Jagr ties Gordie Howe for third overall for most points in NHL history with 1850. Incredible and we've already run out of words. [ESPN]

Also Flyers gut shut out be the Oilers last night in a very Flyer fashion. I know very soon they'll probably get my blood to boil, so I'll enjoy myself at their expense while I can. [NBC Sports]

Whether or not he plays again this season, Jonathan Drouin will burn off a year of his entry-level contract, making him a less desirable trade target. [Sportsnet]

Okay that's it. Going to re-watch all the gifs again. Flames tomorrow. Johnny Hockey is in town people.