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Pens Points: Islanders Game Day

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Good morning one and all,

Pens are back to their free-wheeling ways and so are the Islanders, so the only question to answer tonight is will the show on ice break the combined 10-goal mark? Game preview here. [NBC Sports]

The two teams have been on a fairly similar trajectory lately possession-wise and also goaltending-wise. In the end, we're going to see Fleury vs. Isles and Flyers several times in springtime with a lot on the line. [Hockey Buzz]

Well, at least there is a safety net aka Matt Murray. Here he talks about being chosen for World Cup of Hockey, a pretty nice gig for the young goalie. [Empty Netters]

The Pens PP has wild ups and downs. In the end, this is going to depend largely on Malkin, who is crucial in this regard. [PPG]

Pens defensive corps are pretty low in terms of goals scored, but actually doing OK in generating offense and producing assists. [Trib]

Justin Schultz, Mark Letestu, Adam Clendening and Rob Klinkhammer aren't exactly household names, but they are the only 4 people on Earth who can tell you what it's like to play with both Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid. [Trib]

Don't look now but the Flyers are two points out of WC spot. Raise your hand if you're excited about that. Yeah, didn't think so. They are not all bad though. A very nice gesture for the family of a police officer fallen in the line of duty. [NHL]

Tampa Bay has lifted Jonathan Drouin's suspension so he can report to the AHL club on the last day of eligibility for the playoffs. It's going to be awkward. [CBS Sports]

Tanking, who is doing it better? Maple Leafs of Buffalo Sabres? The Leafs are honestly terrible, but the Sabres are quietly coasting under the radar. [Globe & Mail]

And why are Canadian teams so terrible this year? Don't you just love a good conspiracy theory? There are several here. [Down Goes Brown]

And more from Sean McIndoe, what are the top five things to watch for the remainder of the NHL regular season? Good discussion of the Toronto outcomes based on the conditional 1st round pick from the Kessel deal. [Sportsnet]