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Penguins to wear alternate jerseys at home for playoffs

The transition back to "Pittsburgh gold" (also known as yellow) is almost complete for the Pittsburgh Penguins

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As we reported back in January, expect the Pittsburgh Penguins to have new jerseys next season. And by new, it will be the "old" ones of black and yellow -- or "Pittsburgh gold" that are most commonly remembered as the ones Mario Lemieux and the boys wore during the early '90s. Recently the Penguins have had "Vegas gold" incorporated but have been slowly phasing that out in favor of the old look, go to any store in Pittsburgh and you'll see evidence of this, it's basically the only thing retailers are stocking and selling anymore.

That will continue with the playoffs for home games, as the Pens announced they will wear their current alternate jerseys at all home games this spring.

It's expected that Pittsburgh will unveil new white jerseys very soon that will also have "Pittsburgh gold" (or, yellow) replacing the "Vegas gold". And that will be met with about universal praise, as they look very sharp. Hopefully we get a good long look at those jerseys this spring.