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Pens Points: Lundqvist Injury Is Not Serious

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Good morning one and all,

No one in the world is a bigger pain in the neck than Patric Hornqvist, and I mean that in the best way possible. Plays between whistles, takes punishment, and keeps coming back. He is awesome. [Trib]

The eye injury to Henrik Lundqvist isn't deemed very serious, and although the Rangers recalled Marcus Hellberg, it was more just a precaution. [New York Times]

The first game wasn't exactly a model of what the Pens need to do to win this series. Going forward, the defensive corps needs to do a better job of withstanding the pressure. [Trib]

Dan Girardi and Marc Staal, on the other end, are quickly getting exposed by the faster Pens skaters. The question is should those two be a pairing to begin with? [Today's Slapshot]

It was a fun night in the NHL even though the Pens didn't play.Goaltending was optional in the first game of Isles and the Panthers, and the visitors walked away with a 5-4 win. [Lighthouse Hockey]

Flyers probably weren't going to beat the Caps even when healthy and disciplined. With Cooter done for the series and Wayne Simmonds negating PP opportunities to "send messages" and "stick up for teammates" (which is exactly what Tom Wilson wants him to do), this isn't looking promising. [Broad Street Hockey]

The best game was evidently the one that I didn't manage to stay awake for. Anyway, the Sharks draw first blood and take game 1 from the Kings. Also Rob Scuderi is playing in this series. (I mean playing loosely speaking.) [LA Times]

And the only series that hasn't started yet kicks off tonight. Goalie matchup will be John Gibson against Pekka Rinne. Rinne has declined visibly, and therein lies the danger for the Preds. [In Goal Magazine]

Some interesting thoughts on team's best interest vs. the integrity of the sport from none other than ex-Penguin Paul Bissonette. Worth a read. [USA Today]