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WATCH: Extended version of Penguins / Rangers handshake line

The television broadcast ran up against time limits, but here's some video of the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Rangers handshake line at the conclusion of Game 5 of their 2016 playoff series.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest issues we saw Pittsburgh Penguins fans have today was that NBC had to cut the handshake line between the Pens and the New York Rangers a little short due to timing and the reality of commercials.

Unfortunately, this was a necessity due to timing with the game ending very close to the scheduled 6:00 PM finish and NBC looking to naturally throw it back for local news across the nation and carry on with their programming. As hockey fans we would want to see a lot more, but as a national television company- when you're up against a time limit, you're up against a time limit.

We reached out to the awesome producers at NBC-Universal an they were able to get their tremendous video team to put together some of the raw footage of the handshake line and put it online. There's not much TV commentary, since the broadcast had to go to a break, but you'll get to see more of the finale of this series then what was able to be played over the air, as they very generously put together as much of the video as they had.

Much thanks to our friends at NBC for going above and beyond to do some extra work to bring this highlight for you. They probably wouldn't have posted this footage it if we didn't ask- and we wouldn't have asked if a lot of Pens fans didn't want to see more. But they were more than happy to quickly put it out there, which really shows that the NHL has some great people working as their broadcast partner to be so responsive and bring all the best they can for the fans.