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Getting to know a Capital: T.J. Oshie

The Caps biggest off-season addition set a career high in goals in 2015-16 and is a major part of their first line and power play.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time after seeing the Rangers in every playoff game for almost 2 calendar years and 17 total games, the Pittsburgh Penguins finally get to play a fresh playoff opponent. So let's dust off this old feature to kill time and preview the Washington Capitals.

Name: T.J. Oshie (who's name is Timothy Leif Oshie, so uh)

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 189 lbs

Born: December 23rd, 1986 (29 years old)

Drafted: STL 1st Round 2005, 24th Overall

2015-16 stat line: 82 games played, 26 goals, 25 assists, 34 penalty minutes

2015-16 playoff stat line: 6 GP, 1G, 3A

2015-16 stats vs Penguins: 5 GP, 3G, 1A

2015-16 5v5 Advanced Stats: 51.1 CF%, -2.1% Corsi Relative, 102.7 PDO

Player detail (via The Hockey News Player Page)


2015-16 Washington Capitals player usage, via War on Ice

HERO Chart (via Domenic Galamini):


Analysis: Oshie's chart above is off-the-charts and mainly due to the nature of being a 3-year average, the description used by The Hockey News of being "complimentary" is probably more apt. Oshie, for instance, only recorded 11 first assists all season (9th on team) - a number way down from his St. Louis Blues days when he had 49 1st assists in the 2-year period of 2013-15, so he clearly has a different role with the Caps.

He has been very effective in that- with 135 hits on the season, 62 blocked shots (to lead all forwards) and 61 takeaways (to lead all Capitals). And for a player who's career high in goals was 21, Oshie tallied 26 this season, quite impressive to set a career-high in goals while 29 years old.

Most common linemates: aa

Why you should know who he is: aa

How the Pens can stop him: aa