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Tom Wilson fined for kneeing Conor Sheary

The Caps most physical player gets a fine, but no suspension for his dangerous hit on a Penguins player in Game 1.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL didn't like Tom Wilson 's second period knee on Conor Sheary so they sent him a $2,400 fine.

 photo GarbageHitsSheary_zpsoqqoians.gif

Coach Barry Trotz didn't exactly condemn the hit

But, believe it or not that's actually a bit more responsibility than he's seen for other Capitals suspensions this season according to this Sportsnet article tracking all the suspensions in the league.


Sheary did not practice today and was seen walking with a limp last night. His status for next game is unknown.

Wilson has not been suspended in his NHL career but has been on leagues radar with the NHL about his growing number of borderline hits. It's certainly a shame that the league throws a toothless fine that will not deter further action at a dangerous player instead of sending a serious message.