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Pens Points: Weekend Warriors Stellar Again

After another terrific weekend, Pens wrap up regular season on the road.

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Good morning one and all,

Mornings after the Pens crush the Flyers are always best. Here are a couple of recaps from the other side:

The Pens are now in the driver's seat for the postseason and *all* that remains is navigating the minefield that is the playoffs. What could go wrong for the Pens? [ESPN]

The Penguins Elite U-18 team will play in the National Championship today. Good luck! [Penguins]

This is from a couple days ago, but it's a comprehensive look at the latest group of Pens NCAA prospects and very worth reading. Great work as always by Ian Altenbaugh. [Hockey's Future]

Another article about the prospects, including those who are not coming from the NCAA. It's nice to see all these prospects and how when the team is focused on developing them, they actually do become excellent contributors. [Penguins]

Speaking of prospects, the Maple Leafs figure to have a thousand. How sometimes letting a prospect fail in the short term isn't the worst thing in the world. [Globe & Mail]

The New York Islanders are literally limping to the finish line. Berube has now joined Halak on the injury shelf, and Christopher Gibson was recalled as an emergency. It's the Thomas Greiss show now. Wrap Matt Murray in two more layers of bubble wrap. [Lighthouse Hockey]

A long-term injury to Steven Stamkos is the worst-case scenario that highlights an epic organizational miscalculation in Tampa. Not only will they lose him for nothing in FA, they're not going to have him for the playoff run. Can Jonathan Drouin (currently DTD with LBI) help salvage this fiasco? [NHL]

Also a total fiasco is the sorry example of coaching provided by Patrick Roy on a daily basis. Get rid of the rage machine and get those guys a real coach. What a joke. [Today's Slapshot]

Of all the players in this league, Nazem Kadri seems to have become a poster boy for DOPS disciplinary enforcement. Lest anyone thinks we are favoring Toronto, let us fine him again for more diving and now he's suspended for 4 games, meaning his season is done. [NHL DOPS]

The Panthers have clinched the playoffs and Jaromir Jagr has met up with his glorious troupe of traveling mullet-wearing JJs. [CBS Sports]

Their captain Willie Mitchell remains sidelined long-term with concussion issues. He talks about the league not doing much to protect the players, and in all frankness not giving a damn about their long-term health. [Sportsnet]

For the end, another dark look at the ugly underbelly of professional hockey, battling demons and addictions in what is increasingly a battle for mere survival. Difficult but worthwhile read by Stefan Legein. [THN]