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Let the Wheel of Capitals Excuses start spinning!

It's that time of the year....

A traditional rite of spring is now upon us. The Washington Capitals, their ultimate 2015-16 team of destiny, have been eliminated from the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs in the second round yet again. For the second time, it has come at the hand of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Great work by the Penguins to discard the Capitals in 6 games. Now, the Penguins will face the Tampa Bay Lightning, in the Eastern Conference Finals, who made quick work of the New York Islanders.

But for now, let's see where the wheel lands:

Does this affect Alex Ovechkin's legacy? Of course not, but the media will be sure to say so!

At least the Washington Capitals will have another banner to hang at the Verizon Center for being regular season Conference Champions again!

(Credit: Washington Post)