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Watch: Jim Rutherford speaking about the Penguins' chemistry on NHL Network

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The Penguins General Manager spoke on NHL Network yesterday, regarding the chemistry of the team he has constructed, that has made its way to the Eastern Conference Finals

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Yesterday, coming on the heels of the Penguins having defeated the Capitals in Overtime of Game 6 on Tuesday night, Penguins General Manager Jim Rutherford was featured on NHL Live, a segment that is shown on the NHL Network.

He spoke glowingly about the team's chemistry.

"Well, you have two wingers that have really good speed, you have a center iceman that’s really smart. Hagelin really opens things up with his speed, Kessel, he can score and he’s a terrific playmaker which people don’t talk about very much, but he really is. Once a line like this starts going, they kind a grow to really like each other and they really have good chemistry."

Rutherford echoes these sentiments that can be seen in our breakdown of the Overtime goal that Nick Bonino scored.

The video segment can be seen below:

For the Penguins sake, let's hope that we get to speak of this team and its chemistry for many years to come and this chemistry being part of Penguins history.

Much thanks again to the good people at NHL Network for giving us a heads up that this interview was available.