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Report: Ryan Callahan will not have a hearing for his dirty hit on Kris Letang

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Joe Smith of the Tampa Bay Times reported this morning that Ryan Callahan will not be subject to a hearing for his 5-minute major boarding penalty for his hit on Kris Letang.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

So, we have established already that the hit that Ryan Callahan threw on Kris Letang was utter garbage.

He saw his numbers, and ran him straight into the boards, even using his elbow to force Letang's head into the glass.

As if the officiating wasn't embarrassing enough....

Nice. $100. For a guy that's making ::opens General Fanager:: $6.4 million dollars this season.

The NHL has reportedly topped it, by not even giving Callahan a hearing. What a joke.

Bang up work, everyone.

Update: I didn't want to believe the initial report, or maybe didn't want to think that the NHL could be so embarrassing, but here we are.