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Pens Points: ECF Game 2

Let's try again for that awesome thing known as winning.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning one and all,

Greetings from Toronto where yours truly has been a thousand times but has never eaten a real Toronto hot dog before. That's one big check off my bucket list now, as literally the first thing I did yesterday upon arrival was find that hot dog stand on Front. It was pricey ($4!), but seriously good. Thanks Phil!

Speaking of Phil, he of 12 points through the first 12 games of these playoffs, I can see how many would think he was reborn on a team where he doesn't have to carry all the load. Keep phillin' the nets, #81! [Sports Quotient]

With Ben Bishop day-to-day and probably unlikely to return immediately, the Eastern Conference finals comes down to the battle of two good 21-year-old goalies. [ESPN]

Listen to this admirable stupidity. Tampa Bay Lightining are disallowing opposing fans from wearing their team colors if they have tickets in certain areas. Other dumb teams have tried that before. Get creative, Pans fans! [PPG]

The Pens are in a somewhat uncomfortable position for the first time in these playoffs. This will lead to changes on defense, although forward lines are where changes need to be focused on. Now I've lost any desire to watch this game. Ugh. [PPG]

Steven Stamkos, who is practicing but not yet cleared for contact, has switch to an injectable anticoagulant that could speed up his return. I'm a little worried about him putting the playoff run before his health, but I have to trust they know what they're doing. [Sportsnet]

The Western Conference finals started last night and the Sharks carried the play but the Blues came away with a 2-1 win. The beard tug of war between Backes and Thornton was awesome. [ESPN]