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Penguins Playoffs: Everything is better the day after a win

Winning cures everything; fun news and notes about Sidney Crosby and Pascal Dupuis, the Penguins HBK line and the original HBK and more!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Everything's always better after a win, isn't it?

What a picture of Pascal Dupuis and Sidney Crosby in the moments after the overtime goal. Win one for the Duper!


The whole "HBK" line is really picking up a lot of traction. For those who don't know/ don't care, "HBK" before it was the initials of the uber-successful Carl Hagelin - Nick Bonino - Phil Kessel line was the moniker of the "Heartbreak Kid", Shawn Michaels, an uber-successful professional wrestler of the '90s/2000's.

Benstonium, as always was aces. (I don't know, maybe somewhat NSFW language in the video)

Even better, Penguins fans started tagging Michaels on twitter and he eventually chimed in with support.

Social media, you win again.


Word is NBC was unhappy about this sign, which only was on screen for a split-second.

If only NBC was as concerned about the verbal diarrhea that comes out of the mouths of their "analysts" as much.


Crosby becomes the 23rd player in Penguins history to score a playoff OT goals. Here's a list of them (with this year's scorers in bold):


Interesting that despite all the playoffs the Pens have played (21 seasons from 1990-2016), only 2 players have multiple OT goals.

And, as is a somewhat famous trivia note, Mario Lemieux's name isn't listed above. Despite scoring 76 playoff goals in 106 playoff games, the great #66 never scored in overtime of a playoff game.

Hard to believe, last night was Crosby's 113th playoff game, putting him in more playoff games than Lemieux.

Other than Lemieux, Crosby was #2 in total goals in Pens playoff history without scoring an OT goal. The new #2? Jordan Staal with 23 playoff goals, none of them in OT.