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The Tampa Bay Lightning left Phil Kessel to lurk uncovered and he made them pay with a goal

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Note to the Tampa Bay Lightning players: don't leave Phil Kessel unmarked in front of the net. If you do, he's probably going to score a goal.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With an offensive zone face-off and a 1-0 lead in Game 3, the Penguins were looking to score another goal. A face-off win, a great cycle against the boards, and great pass all helped contribute to Phil Kessel making it 2-0.

It all starts with Nick Bonino winning the draw. He had to tie up the Lightning player taking the draw a little bit, but it still resulted in a clean face-off win.

The defenseman that Bonino won the puck to made no hesitation about what play he was going to make. The middle of the ice and the path to the net were completely inaccessible, so the smart play, and the play that was made, was to try and get it deep along the boards.

Ridiculously smart play incoming by Phil Kessel. He uses his offensive threat to his advantage here. When he goes to play the puck, he completely draws Anton Stralman away from playing the puck. His little head-fake is a big key. Stralman doesn't play the puck, and follows Kessel away from the play, leaving the puck for Nick Bonino.

After leaving the puck for Bonino, Kessel and Stralman float towards the face-off dot, and Bonino chips the puck to the corner, where Carl Hagelin will have to win a race and beat Jason Garrison to the corner.

To no one's surprise, he wins the race. Either Callahan or Garrison would've had to beat him there, and that just wasn't going to happen.

As Hagelin made it to the corner, his speed gave him a chance to get there and have time to make a play, rather than just needing to eat the puck into the corner and winning a board battle. By getting to the corner early and having time to make a play, he actually was able to bait Jason Garrison into hitting him into the corner. He absorbed the contact and let Garrison take himself out of the play.

Once the puck came back to Nick Bonino, getting the puck to Kessel was absolutely the first and only thing on his mind, but he didn't tip his hand. He drew Valterri Filppula away from the passing lane in front of the net. Phil was lurking, and he was ready. I have no idea how Stralman didn't see this coming.

Bonino makes the no-look pass and puts the puck right on Kessel's tape. By the time Stralman realizes what's going on, it's far too late, and Kessel is putting the puck in the back of the net.

With players that have the kind of release that Kessel has, just a tiny or momentary lapse in coverage is all it takes.

The entire play can be seen below:

The Lightning responded seconds later with a quick goal from Tyler Johnson, before the Penguins made it 3-1 and then 4-1. In games like these, against teams like Tampa Bay, who can score so quickly, a 2-0 lead is MASSIVELY bigger than a 1-0 lead. Thank you, Philip.