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Watch: Ben Lovejoy Interviewed after Game 7 last night

The Penguins defenseman gave a great interview last night with some great quotes following the big series win that pushed their ticket to the Stanley Cup Final

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The ever quotable Ben Lovejoy had a fantastic series against the Lightning, and gave a great interview after the game.

Some excerpts of his interview below:

On the locker room before Game 7, Lovejoy said:

"It was quiet and it was intense. I think I was the most vocal. I think it was nerves talking but everybody in the locker room wanted to stress playing a smart game. We feel that that Tampa team, they don’t need 40 shots to score four goals, all they need is an opportunity or two and they’re so skilled that they’re going to bury. We wanted to be focused and smart for the entire 60 minutes and I think we were tonight."

On who he’d like to thank in this moment, Lovejoy said:

"Mom and dad. They’ve done everything for me, I’m so lucky to have them. They’re my biggest fans, when things aren’t going well they’re who I lean on."

The interview can be seen below it its entirety:

Let's hope that Lovejoy's level of play can keep up against the Sharks in the Stanley Cup Final