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What the Experts are Saying: 2016 Stanley Cup Final Predictions

A roundup of predictions from around the hockey media world of who they think will win the Stanley Cup.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

We've done this kind of review/roundup before, where we gather the predictions of a bunch of different media types and compare them across the board to see who is coming out the more popular pick.

For this one, we've gathered the opinions of people from ESPN, CBS Sports, and USA Today. If we come across others, we'll update the post accordingly.

Expert Outlet Prediction
Scott Burnside ESPN Penguins in 6
Craig Custance ESPN Sharks in 7
Pierre Lebrun ESPN Sharks in 7
John Buccigross ESPN Sharks in 6
Linda Cohn ESPN Penguins in 7
Joe McDonald ESPN Penguins in 7
Barry Melrose ESPN Sharks in 6
Steve Levy ESPN Sharks in 6
Kevin Allen USA Today Penguins in 6
Adam Gretz CBS Sports Penguins in 6
Chris Peters CBS Sports Sharks in 6

Pretty damn close across the board, with a 6-5 split. I think this is gonna be one of those series that's split right down the middle and a lot of people don't know which way to go on it.

My prediction: I think the series goes seven games. And my pick? Get real. The Penguins, of course.