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Where to watch game one of the 2016 Stanley Cup Final: TV, Stream information

Broadcast information for Game one of the 2016 Stanley Cup Final.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This is an easy one, Game 1 is on NBC. Like, regular Channel 11 in Pittsburgh NBC. Which is nice because Games 2- possibly 4 are going to be on NBCSN, where most of these playoffs have been played.

For our Canadian friends, all seven games will be on CBC.

If you're outside of the US and Canada, I'm guessing you already know better than I about how to watch the game.

If for some reason you want to watch on your computer or mobile device instead of on a TV screen, Game one will be streamed on NBC Live Extra right here. (Cable subscription that includes NBC Sports is requires).

There's also the legendary Mike Lange and the old 2-9'er on the radio call out of Pittsburgh (and available online) on one-oh-five-nine da X.

Once again:


Radio: 105.9 WXDX (listen online)

Stream: NBC Live Extra