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Watch: "Stanley Cup Essay" from JP Morosi

JP Morosi narrated a video on the NHL Network yesterday titled "Stanley Cup Essay" and in it he discussed the journey to win such a trophy.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

JP Morosi describes the amazing journey that one must go through to reach hockey's greatest prize, the Stanley Cup.

"For one team lives are made complete. Scars become tattoos of the triumphant. For the other, the longing grows more intense, pain throbs through the bones and into the soul. Beards disappear because suddenly there are no more games to play, no more shifts to take, no more shots to block, no more blows to endure. The winners will embrace their families and shed tears, the losers will too. Only one team hoists the Cup, but it has a hold on them all."

We know how grueling this journey can be for players, and this specific one for the Penguins has been one hell of a ride, and it's not over yet.