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Evgeni Malkin is officially a dad. Welcome, Nikita Malkin!

That's a pretty good way to celebrate winning Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.


If you're Evgeni Malkin, life is probably as awesome as it could possibly be at this exact moment.

It's one thing to be a beloved professional athlete who makes lots and lots of money by committing your life to the sport you love. And that one thing in and of itself is pretty great, but it's probably even more awesome to be playing late in the season for a championship. And on top of that, it's probably even better when you win the first game and only have to win three more.

But there's another layer of awesomeness to Malkin's life that's just been added: he is now a father!

Via Sovetsky Sport, Malkin and his partner, Anna Kasterova, welcomed their first child, son Nikita, into the world this morning. What a considerate little boy - being born on an off day!

Nikita's got big feet. He'll have big skates to fill, though, so it makes sense. As does that weight: 7 lbs, 1 ounce? 71? That's some Sidney Crosby-esque nonsense.

So, who's ready for a bunch of dad goals for Game 2?