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Pens Points: ECSF Game 4

Can the Pens pull a rabbit out of a hat?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning one and all,

Game 4 is upon us and everyone's nervous and jumpy. That's understandable. Remember when Geno got hurt and the season was over? The guys gotta pick it up and take it to the Caps.

This made me sad to read. The Pens are not obligated to protect Fleury from the expansion draft because he doesn't have a full NMC, and can only protect one goaltender. Is the writing on the wall for the most beloved guy in the room? [Sportsnet]

Lots of goals and hits in the Bolts-Isles series. Hickey was dishing hits and receiving even worse ones in return, and none of that mattered. Tampa leads series 2-1. [ESPN]

The black kitty didn't bring good luck to the Sharks, who went down on the count in Nashville. James Neal, Shea Weber, Colin Wilson and Filip Forsberg scored. [The Tennessean]

The Blues clobbered the Stars 6-1 as new #1 fan Tony X was in the house, in very nice seats might I add. We need to learn a new sport. Did I mention the Stars got problems, plural? [Dallas Morning News]

Annnnd just a year removed from a Jack Adams award as best coach in the NHL, Bob Hartley is out in Calgary. Go figure. Supposedly had nothing to do with Bruce Boudreau being available. Whatever. The Sens will pick him up in no time. [Calgary Sun]

The Worlds are about to start in Russia and we will see some new teams. This is what's holding hockey back, that it's an exclusive club with like 5 countries that follow it and that's why it will always be on the global backburner. Anyway, meet one of the new teams in the tourney - Hungary. [IIHF]