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Pittsburgh Penguins playoffs: Welcome back, June hockey

A look at how the Penguins have fared in the month of June, and a look back at this day in 1992 when Mario and the Pens captured Cup #2

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Somehow, the calendar already reads June 1 today. Always a great sign to be able to watch a Pittsburgh Penguins game after Memorial Day. So let's look back on team's performance in the most summer-ish of hockey months, from hockey-reference.


Boston series, you are the devil! Pens are 6-7 all-time in June, but 6-3 before that dreaded Bruins series.


Speaking of, 24 years today Mario Lemieux and the Pens completed the sweep of the Chicago Blackhawks to win their second Stanley Cup. This never gets old.



And hey, while we're talking about the the lore of the Cup, our friends at NBC passed along this video about why the Stanley Cup is so special.


Be sure you're checking out our Sharks friends at Fear The Fin they've got a lot of great coverage going on of the SJ perspective of the series, including this article about the grief Paul Martin took over his play on the GWG, disregarding a lot of good moments for him prior to that.