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Watch: the NHL Network crew breaks down the Bonino GWG from Game 1

The folks from NHLN did a breakdown similar to ours on Nick Bonino's big goal from Game 1 and it gave some good insight.

Yesterday morning, we posted our breakdown of Nick Bonino's late game-winning goal from Game 1 on Monday night.

The NHL Network crew consisting of Mike Johnson, Kevin Weekes, EJ Hradek, and Mike Rupp did a breakdown of their own.

Mike Rupp gave a great description of how this all went down.

"But what he does here that really I feel throws off the whole situation is he’s wide open here, the puck is on edge, he doesn’t want to shoot it like that. He settles it down and by that time Jones comes into the butterfly, he’s down. Great read by Bonino knowing that Jones is committed, when you go down like that, upstairs by your ears by both sides is right there, does a great job. I love the terminology there ‘Johnny’ cause that’s exactly what he did, he shoveled the puck. It wasn’t a great shot, he shoveled it upstairs. I won’t do it right now ‘Weekes-y,’ with no bucket on you. But he does a great job of putting it up there, I love it, but it all happens because great hard pass, great recognition by Kris Letang, and you got a clutch player making a clutch play."

It's nice to see quality analysis and breakdowns like this from the NHL Network crew. They seem to focus on highlighting the positive plays that skilled players are making, rather than focusing on some go the uglier or negative aspects of the game.