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The Pittsburgh Penguins are partial to Punjabi

Especially one call in particular: "BONINOBONINOBONINO"

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I will be the first to confess I do not speak Punjabi. It is, however, one of the most common spoken languages in Canada, so the existence of an official Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi call only makes sense. What better way to bring new people to the game than by bringing it to them in their own language?

The guys behind the Punjabi broadcast have become a real hit - but they outdid themselves on Nick Bonino's Game 1 winner.

Of course, how could you not love something like that? And the Pittsburgh Penguins - they're all in, to the point of shouting the call themselves in the locker room, with Ben Lovejoy and Ian Cole apparently being two of the locker room enablers.

Even Mike Sullivan adores it. And then there's the man himself, Bonino, also getting in on the fun. What better ringtone could friends and family ever have for him?

The man behind the call, Harnaryan Singh, is loving it, too - and is providing a key example of just how much better things are when hockey is opened up to more cultures.