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Pens Need a Goal From Hornqvist

Patrick Hornqvist has 8 goals in the playoffs and plenty more setup by Sidney Crosby that haven't made their way behind the goaltender.

Don Wright-USA TODAY Sports

Patric Hornqvist has been credited with eight goals in 23 games played during the 2015-2016 playoffs. His last goal was in game three, a tip in against Martin Jones.

He hasn't been able to put in shots like this either.

The last time Hornqvist actually shot the puck against a goalie who wasn't out of the play or deflected the puck was this shot on the power play in game one against the Tampa Bay Lightning. You could argue Andrei Vasilevskiy never saw the puck as Braydon Coburn was standing in his way.

In game six, Penguins would love to see Hornqvist cash-in with all the chances he's getting with Sidney Crosby.

Two Days Off Between Games

Not a fan of the NHL's scheduling and especially so in the Stanley Cup Final as all travel has resulted in two full days off between games. The advantage a team might have created by tiring their opponent is erased with the extra rest.

During the regular season, Penguins were 16-11 in such games, during the post season run they haven't been as lucky falling to 5-6 after Thursday's game five loss in Pittsburgh. The Sharks are 2-0 versus the Penguins during the Stanley Cup Final with the two days off in games three and five.

If Sharks win game six, you guessed it, two more days off as game seven would be on Wednesday in Pittsburgh.