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Penguins have chance to make another June 12th memory

The last time the Penguins played on June 12th it was a very good day. Will today be added to the list?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Today is June 12th, which will always be a great day in franchise history, thanks to Max Talbot, Marc-Andre Fleury and the gang winning a Stanley Cup on this day in 2009.

Tonight could be another one of those nights with one more win against the San Jose Sharks. Pregame yesterday the team seemed very confident and excited for the opportunity.

As Matt Cullen told Josh Yohe:

"Our first five minutes, we didn’t quite attack them," he said. "After that, boy, I thought we played some pretty good hockey. There was a lot going on. We need to start a little better. Aside from that, I thought we played a really good game. I think, honestly, if you play a little pissed off … we missed our opportunity last game to put it away at home. I think we need to carry that chip on our shoulder into the next game. We responded well. This is one of those situations where we feel like we did enough good things to win. But I don’t think we made sure. We have a group here that can make sure. We have to have a little bit of a pissed-off attitude. Go after it."

Let's hope it all comes together.