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Pittsburgh Penguins 2016 Stanley Cup shirt!

Get your Pensburgh Penguins 2016 Stanley Cup shirt here!

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The Pittsburgh Penguins are Stanley Cup champions once again!

What better way to celebrate than with a shirt?

We've got two of them, this one inspired by Mike Sullivan's famous motivational line of "Just play". Get it here!


pens cup shirt16


Through all the ups and downs the Penguins got it done. It's been a season of turbulence and a playoff run to never forget. Get your piece of it!

First awarded in 1893, Lord Stanley's Cup has certainly made the rounds and now it is back in Pittsburgh for the 4th time in the franchise's 49 year history.

Once again: GET THE PENSBURGH STANLEY CUP SHIRT HERE! And take it down to the river and party all summer!