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WATCH: Pittsburgh Penguins celebrate winning the Stanley Cup

Those first few seconds - they're the best part.

Winning is awesome - but one of the things that makes it so great is watching the players themselves experience it in real time.

Sure, you know you're going to win - as the clock ticks down and time runs out, you can feel it on the bench - but at some point, it truly hits you what's about to happen; that you're about to accomplish the one thing you've worked your entire life to do.

And then it happens. It's not just a feeling; the clock finishes ticking down and in that moment, all that's left to do is forget you're grown adults and start screaming and hollering, jumping off the bench and mobbing one another in pure celebration.

Seeing the unbridled joy in that one single moment - before the trophies are awarded, before the interviews happen, when it's just the team, the players who bled and sweat and gave it their all since April - since training camp in September, really - since they first stepped on the ice and learned to skate, even - that's one of the best parts.