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Pascal Dupuis: 'I knew I was gonna be part of it'

"The guys won the Cup and I'm part of it little bit, it's great."

This was Pascal Dupuis' last chance as a player. Though his last game came back in December, Dupuis was still a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins on the ice this season. His playing career may be over - but only now is it really, truly, official, as the 2015-16 season has come to a close.

And while it isn't quite perfect, this is the best possible end to his career. Dupuis, who was relegated to the sidelines and pressbox, occasionally helping out with equipment and taking on a role as both mentor and cheerleader, got to put on his Penguins jersey once again, and lift the Stanley Cup wearing it.

He had a plan! Sprinting down the stairs and getting dressed so he could receive the Cup properly - which he did, third on the team to get to lift it, amongst his teammates as a player one last time.

Dupuis officially gets to go out a champion, and it's so well-deserved.