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Pittsburgh Penguins tweets: disbelief, joy, champions, and thanks

From "can't believe this is real" to "we're bringing Stanley home!" the Pens capture all the emotions.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The season is over; the off-season is now upon us. Only this time, instead of an early exit, the Pittsburgh Penguins went the distance - and their off-season is going to be incredible, filled with Stanley Cup adventures (as the Stanley Cup itself is likely filled with multiple babies. Good timing, Evgeni Malkin and Nick Bonino).

And while there's still next season to look forward to, today is about celebration. So let's check in with what the Penguins themselves were posting last night and today...

First you've got a handful of rookies who are all pretty much in the same state of mind:

One of the best selfies Geno has ever taken:

A photo posted by emalkin71geno (@emalkin71geno) on

Steve Oleksy played in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton all year, and it all came to this one great moment and personal milestone for him:

Brian Dumoulin kicked things off in Game 6:

A photo posted by Brian Dumoulin (@du24theboyz) on

Kris Letang got the Cup winner:

Now let's celebrate!!

A photo posted by Kris Letang (@kletang_58) on

We did it! Champions for life.

A photo posted by Kris Letang (@kletang_58) on

And Ian Cole has the best thanks of them all.

Thanks for the year, Pens! Here's a great off-season - and plenty of pictures on all your days with the Cup!