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WATCH: Pittsburgh Penguins singing 'We Are the Champions'

They aren't lying.

After the goals, and the saves, and the pile-on celebration, and the presentation of the Stanley Cup itself, and the heartfelt interviews after - wow, there's a lot of stuff - this is really the only video we need.

The Pittsburgh Penguins, in their locker room, with the Stanley Cup, drenched in alcohol and belting out Queen's "We Are the Champions." The room is packed with tons and tons of happy people of questionable singing talent - but it's all done out of love, joy, and celebration, so it's perfect as it is.

It's fair to say that the Pens are better at hockey than they are at singing, but they're Stanley Cup Champions - they're better at hockey than at most things.

And really, this is one of the best renditions of the song you can find. Within context, of course.

The Stanley Cup is back in Pittsburgh!