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WATCH: Officials mic'd up for the Stanley Cup Final

"We are set to go!"

With three rounds in the books and just two teams left, the Stanley Cup Final can get a little heated. After all, you get so far into the playoffs: you want to win. And anything perceived against you could be a death sentence, so it's all very serious business.

To that end, it looks like the officials talented enough to go the distance were professional about things, but having a good time. Take Pierre Racicot, the extremely chatty linesman dropping the puck for some faceoffs, most notably around 1:20 in the video - how awesome would it be to play in a game with him?

Speaking of faceoffs, following Logan Couture's complaints that Sidney Crosby was cheating, it's awesome to see just how many faceoffs are featured in this video.

And how they mostly involve non-Crosby players! That was a missed opportunity to showcase, but it might've been a little much for this video. Besides, we do get a little bit of Joe Pavelski against him about 50 seconds in.

The series was mostly drama-free, though, so really, this gives us a pure look at what it was like to be ice level during the Final. And it looks like it was awesome.