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Nick Bonino's beard will be missed

His baby daughter will miss it the most.

One of the best parts about the Stanley Cup playoffs is the beards. Every team still alive is growing them out, and it's hilarious to see the guys who just can't do it - of which the Pittsburgh Penguins have a few, uh, notable examples - as well as the guys who set example to all of mankind.

Nick Bonino's efforts have been a thing of wonder. It's been civil war-esque. His beard was one of the most prolific on the entire team - and it was awesome.

It is, sadly, now gone. To be fair, it was well past time for it to go, but that doesn't mean it won't be missed.

(That has to be a custom shirt, right? That's amazing. Hopefully it'll be applicable again a year from now, though it might be too small by then.)

Poor Maze - she's been through a lot over this playoff run, from being wary of to loving penguins. Now she has to deal with a beardless father for the first time in her life - her dad looks like a totally different person! But she'll persevere - she's got that giant penguin, after all.