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WATCH: Coaches mic'd up for the Stanley Cup Final

"You played unbelievable." "Thank you. You coached pretty good, too." The smile on Sullivan's face is the best.

"Hey. Forget about it, just play."

"Good period! Good job!"

"Stay with it!"

There's barely any inflection in Mike Sullivan's voice, which I suppose is a really good thing - you want someone levelheaded guiding you through the most challenging part of the playoffs. Plus, it's so rough that he's someone you just naturally listen to, even if he wasn't your coach. The occasional clapping is a nice touch, too.

But the best part undoubtedly comes at the end: when the Pittsburgh Penguins have won the Stanley Cup, and he's just taking it all in as his team in front of him goes nuts and celebrates. That's beautiful.

Followed up with giving props to Nick Bonino, and Bonino replying, "You coached pretty good, too."

"Thanks, pal," Sullivan follows up. It was definitely a special year for the Penguins - and for Sullivan in particular, who was a big part in making it all happen.