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Ian Cole recreates an old photo with his dad - and the Stanley Cup

He's much taller now.

Happy Father's Day! You know the fathers of the Pittsburgh Penguins are having a particularly good one - their sons are Stanley Cup champions, and so, they've gotten to hang around a very coveted cup the past week. These are the men who helped their sons down this path, so it's only fitting they get to see them with the ultimate fruit of their labor.

Not that they never saw the Cup with them before. Take Ian Cole, for example: who once saw the Stanley Cup with his dad, and now gets to hold it with him.

This is just beautiful. From how little Cole was, to his incredible shirt, to his dad's ultimate dad outfit - and note how he wasn't touching the Cup! Smart kid; he was still a couple of decades away yet from winning it.

His dad has since lost the stache, but he still looks good. Awesome job, Papa Cole.