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WATCH: Refs mic'd up for the Penguins/Lightning series

"Hey! You don't need one Chris!"

The playoffs can get emotional. As such, it only stands to reason that they can cause problems for the players - and along with that, for the officials who have to manage them.

Now, refereeing isn't perfect. We know this all too well. And it certainly wasn't perfect during the Pittsburgh Penguins' third round series against the Tampa Bay Lightning. But it's still pretty awesome to get an inside look at just what was going on on the ice that we weren't totally privy to.

The above video also includes footage from the Western Conference Final, but don't worry, there's plenty of the Pens in there as well. For example, a little over a minute in, you get a scrum forming around Matt Murray's net - and Chris Kunitz about to do something stupid, as the officials try to warn him off.

Really, it's kind of surprising to hear just how much the officials talk throughout the game. Then again, it makes sense that they'd want to be in constant communication. And this was the third round of the playoffs: only the best of the best are left to work these games.

One of the best moments is one of the officials having a discussion with Phil Kessel about two minutes in. Frankly, I don't know how anyone converses with the dude and doesn't immediately concede to his point - look at that face! - but then again, that's probably one of several reasons why I'm not a ref.