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City of Pittsburgh pre-preparing for Thursday, hoping to avoid "craziness"

Good luck with that

Don Wright-USA TODAY Sports

The city of Pittsburgh is (smartly) making advanced preparations in case the Penguins clinch the first championship within city limits since 1960 with public safety precautions. From

City leaders are preparing for the "what ifs" in the event the Pittsburgh Penguins win the Stanley Cup on Thursday night at Consol Energy Center.

"We want to see people having a good time. We don’t want to see craziness," Chief Operations Officer Guy Costa said Wednesday. "If we see craziness, those people will be dealt with accordingly."

If the Pens defeat the San Jose Sharks in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final, they will be the first Pittsburgh team to win a major sports championship at home since the Pirates in 1960. Large numbers of excited fans would likely hit the streets afterward.

Costa said the city will allow a 90-minute window after the game for street celebrations — "as long as things are under control. If they get out of control, all bets are off. And then we’ll ask people to go home nicely."

Out of respect for the captain, they should have made it 87 minutes.

Either way let's hope that there is cause for celebration and that everyone keeps it fun and not too dangerously, injuriously crazy.