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Pens Points: SCF Game 5

Let's win it for Duper. That is all.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning one and all,

Nervous, excited, and both looking forward to tonight and dreading it at the same time. Tonight the Pens take their first crack at win #16 and emotion is nibbling away at everyone. [SI]

Something that seemed impossible 6 months ago could be possible now. That's how wild and full of turnarounds this season has been for the Penguins. [LA Times]

Pens have everything to gain and the Sharks have nothing to lose. That's how many see tonight's game. [ESPN]

*Pens hard hockey has worn down the Sharks, says Tim Wharnsby. A pretty good read. [CBC]

Phil Kessel refuses to buy into the narrative that anything about him has changed since the hard days of underachievement in Toronto. He's the same player, just on a batter team. And that's the gist of it. [OC Register]

Geno Machino stepped up big time in game 4 after saying how much better he needed to be. That's the Geno we know and love. [New York Times]

The Pens oldest player and arguably the rock of the team, Matt Cullen, is one step away from winning the first Cup his kids might see. [In Forum]

Pete DeBoer has ripped the reports of Tomas Herts being done for the series. [Mercury News]

Down Goes Brown has a definitive Stanley Cup handoff ranking. Sid's handoff to Billy G is up there, but if he were able to somehow win another and hand it off to Duper, that would top everything forever. [Sportsnet]

Is the NHL still a superstar-driven league? [TSN]

Back in 2008 folks at the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame opened a temporary Sidney Crosby exhibit, but it's still there, because "people keep coming off cruise ships in Halifax with their Penguins jerseys on". [Huffington Post]

In the mock draft, the Toronto Maple Leafs select Auston Matthews ahead of Patrik Laine. [PPP]

CBA All Access Quest for the Stanley Cup episode 3 was prett good. [CBS Sports]

Tonight Show superlatives, Stanley Cup Finals edition. Disappointed no Geno but the Ian Cole one is good. [YouTube]