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Oskar Sundqvist disputes Jimmy Fallon's claim of 'Least Sideburns'

They're right there! You just gotta... look real close...

Jimmy Fallon has a tradition of doing Tonight Show Superlatives during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. In them, he takes roster shots of various players on teams that are still alive, and pokes a bit of fun at their appearance. They're all absurd, which is what makes them awesome.

The only fault we can really give him this year is barely including any Penguins in his superlatives. With just two teams left alive, though, he had no choice but to finally give players outside of Matt Murray their due. (Although the Murray one was fantastic.)

At long last tackled were Ben Lovejoy, Justin Schultz, Ian Cole, and... to wrap it up... Oskar Sundqvist.

Least sideburns.

A claim he disputes, with picture evidence:

And yes - Sundqvist not only showed off his, uh, sideburns, but he retweeted that as well. They deserve their respect! The world needs to know!

Sundqvist has played two games these playoffs: one in the first round and one in the second. So, to be fair, it's possible his sideburns didn't exist when he was on the ice. ... It's kind of hard to tell, is all.