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There are real penguins hanging out with the Stanley Cup

There are Pittsburgh Penguins, and then there are penguins penguins.

File this under Important. With a capital "I" and everything. Because this is really, really Important.

When the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup back in June, it meant good times ahead for everybody associated with the team. You work so hard for so long to reach that goal; it's only fair that everyone who contributed in any way gets to celebrate. Every Penguin should get their moment with the Cup.

Every. Penguin.

Including these penguins:

They're only about half a cup high - if even that - so they can't lift it. (But they could certainly fit in it!) They've probably never handled a puck, and almost certainly never scored a goal. But pretty much everything is better with real life penguins, and that includes Stanley Cup victories.